Lamb Duhs

A collection of cute and silly digital lambs wandering the grasslands of the Ethereum blockchain!

Our lambs have been generated from 350K+ possible trait combinations with an abundant variety of faces, wool colors, and outfit accessories.

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LAUNCH DATE: August 21
TOTAL SUPPLY: 8,500 lambs
MINT PRICE: 0.022 ETH each

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How is rarity determined?

Each head and body accessory is worth 1-4 points based on how unique they are. For example, more common items such as a plain shirt or baseball cap are worth less points than more stylish items like a top hat or astronaut suit.

These accessory points are then added up and result in a total value between 2-8 points. This value determines a lamb's rarity tier, with each tier being associated with its own color. As a result, lamb rarity and accessory points can be easily recognized by looking at the background colors!

The launch plan

  • 25% sold - Special Raffle: The first signature lamb will be revealed and raffled off in an exclusive limited time giveaway!
  • 50% sold - Art Livestream: Watch our artist Roxilla do a live illustration of the second signature lamb and participate in a Q&A with the devs!
  • 75% sold - Treasure Hunt: The third signature lamb will be revealed and awaits the winner of our puzzle riddled game, will you lambs be able to solve for x?
  • 100% sold - Open Source/Mystery Annoucement: When the entire flock is accounted for, the code becomes public and we begin working on our supplemental video walkthroughs as well as our secret follow-up project!

On the horizon

  • Charity Auction: A signature lamb will be revealed and auctioned off with the proceeds being sent to a charitable organization of the community's choosing!
  • Original Airdrops: Get rewarded for owning a lamb and expect exclusive NFT drops applicable to holders only!
  • Community Wallet: Isn't LambDAO catchy? As this would be a community driven process, join our Discord and get involved with the team to share how you might want to see this implemented.
  • Merch Store: Wanna rep your lamb? So do we! We'll keep you posted after we work out the logistics.
  • And of course, numerous additional events and project collaborations!

    Our horizon roadmap is a work in progress and thus subject to change, stay tuned while we build!

Meet your Shepherds

We are a small team of college students specializing in the art of trial and error.

Feel free to reach out to us! We don't bite, and last we checked, the lambs don't either!

Lamb Duhs 2021